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RoyalClouds Review – The Best Cloud Hosting Company in 2017 – 2018

Best Cloud Hosting Company

Best Cloud Hosting Company

Royalclouds is quickly making their image in web hosting companies over internet.Royalclouds is one of the best and cheapest web hosting provider in India.Since it is affordable it allow people to expand their business and grow their customers.

Why RoyalClouds ?

Royalclouds is one of the best and affordable webhosting for bloggers and internet marketers as they provide lot of features which other companies don’t provide at this range.They were created to provide an affordable and easy solution for their customer to bring their ideas online and day by day they are getting a lot of customer trust because of their service. Some of the premium features are-

• Lite Speed Server
• Free DDoS Protection
• Next-generation processor
• Multiple location

Important Features of Royalclouds

  • With, 24/7 support available you can consider royal clouds one of the best support system quick and appealing customer centric company, which  lets you bring website live again during downtime.
  • Well RoyalClouds uses next generation processor with updated architecture to give you best up-times.
  • Now backup is just a click away restore it in a single click remotely from anywhere
  • It provides antivirus protection that scans your database for any suspicious activities which can put threat to your website and allows you with DDOS protection.
  • With RoyalClouds web hosting service you get a email account free that features spam protection, forwarding rule, user account control.
  • Now with CloudFlare CDN network you might see a performance boost on your hosted website.  That optimizes the security and minimizes the load time of your website too.

Pricing For Royalclouds

  • Shared Hosting– 5 Plans (Ranges from $$0.99 – $9.99/month)
  • KVM VPS/CLOUD Hosting-6 Plans($4.00 – $100.00/month)
  • Dedicated Hosting– 6 Plans ($130-$700/month)

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With, Shared Hosting they have 5 plans as listed below:

Starter10GB Space100GB BandwidthUnlimited Site$0.99
Economy20GB Space200GB BandwidthUnlimited Site$1.99
Delux30 GB300 GB BandwidthUnlimited Site$2.99
Ultimate50 GB400GB BandwidthUnlimited Site$3.99
Expert50 GBUnlimitedUnlimited Site$9.99

With, VPS Hosting they have 6 Plans as listed below:

  • VPS 3-2GB RAM-2TB bandwidth-40GB SSD DISK-$16/m
  • VPS 4- 4GB RAM-3TB bandwidth- 70GB SSD-$30/m
  • VPS 5-8GB RAM-3TB bandwidth-100GB SSD-$60/m
  • VPS 6-16GB RAM-5TB bandwidth-150GB SSD-$100/m

With Dedicated Hosting, RoyalClouds have 6 Plans listed below:

  • Dual L5520– 24GB RAM-250GB SSD-10TB bandwidth @ 1Gbps-$130.00/m
  • Dual Intel Xeon X5650– 48GB DDR3 ECC RAM-4 x 250 GB Enterprise SSD Drives-10TB @ 1Gbps-$250.00/m
  • Dual Xeon E5-2670-16GB RAM-240GB SSD-10TB bw @ 1Gbps-$200.00/m
  • Dual Intel Xeon X5650-24GB DDR3 ECC RAM-1 x 250 GB Enterprise SSD Drives-5 TB @ 1Gbps-$140.00/m
  • Dual E5-2650v3-128GB DDR4 RAM-4x250GB SSD-15TB bandwidth @ 1Gbps-$500.00/m
  • Quad E7-4850-192GB RAM-4x250GB SSD-10TB bandwidth @ 1Gbps-$700.00/m

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Why we suggest bloggers royalclouds ? This is because the plans are affordable for newbies,It’s support is great so if you face any problem they are always to help you out and also they have some extra benefits like DDoS protection, Backups, CDN to secure your site and optimize it.

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